If you’re thinking of installing a new fence then wood might be a great choice you.

Altamonte Springs Fence Installation

A wooden fence is timeless and will add resale value and rustic charm to your home.

There are many fencing options to choose from and they all have their merits. Fence installation can be difficult and often it makes sense to hire a fence contractor that services Altamonte Springs. Hiring a professional fence installer can save you the hassle of digging post holes, pouring a bunch of concrete, and making sure everything is plumb and square. Not to mention spending all day in the sun wondering why you’re off a quarter of an inch every time.

Wood is a great choice because it is long lasting, beautiful, and provides maximum security. That beautiful wood grain pattern can last many years. Even with some weathering it still looks great. Wood makes an excellent privacy screen and can make your outdoor space feel more intimate. The slats can be vertical to add traditional charm, or horizontal for a more modern look. The spaces between the slats can be customized to allow as much light as you would like.

Your fence contractor can help you choose which wood suits you best. Two of the most popular are cedar and Pressure Treated Pine. Cedar is a bit more expensive but that cedar smell can’t be imitated, and getting that little whiff in the middle of the summer by the pool can’t be beat. Pressure Treated Pine on the other hand is very durable, looks great, and is very durable. It depends what your fencing goals are but either one of these options would be a great choice.

As long as your fence is not enormous, the job can be done in just a few days. If you are need a new fence and want the finest natural material available, you just can’t duplicate wood.

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